Witchy Writers

WITCHY WRITERS is a membership community for women of color
who want to connect with sisters-in-writing and use magic
to amplify their creativity.
It’s a community of support and encouragement.

Need accountability to get that writing project completed?
Need a sounding board for an essay that’s just not moving?
How about a fresh set of eyes on that new poem?
This is the place for you!
Not a writer or poet but always wanted to be one?
This is also for you!


Why “Witchy Writers”? you might be thinking.

This membership community is centered around reclaiming and expressing our divine power through magic and sacred ritual, including divination tools like tarot. By strengthening our relationship with our divine selves and with our Mother Earth, our writing superpowers become unstoppable. We can claim and proclaim our stories– and know with confidence that they will be heard. We are that powerful.

And don’t worry if you think you’re not a writer (here’s a secret: you probably are!), all women and femme-identifying folks of color are invited to join! It’s for anyone who wants to explore writing creatively while tapping into their innate magic!

What’s in the membership?

Weekly tarot-inspired writing prompts

Use these writing prompts to move you out of stuck places, to see your work anew, or to jump start some creative juices.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Each month, we’ll gather as a community and check in with where we’re at. I’ll offer support by helping you work through any sticky spots you might be experiencing—
whether it’s related to writing or
personal development and growth.

Monthly New Moon
sacred circles

Each new moon, we’ll gather together to release the things that no longer serve our highest good, set new intentions for the month, and invite new energy to help us step into our divine power.

What’s the investment?

Because this is a brand-new offering, you’re invited to join as a Founding Member for only $47 per month!

Don’t delay! Join NOW!